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Photographers & Casting Directors | NYC

Melis & Dainon are partners in life and art. Over the nearly 20 years that they have been together, they discovered a common passion for exploring the unusual, rare, and eccentric people, styles, and cultures in the US and abroad. With a natural tendency to become bored of standard definitions of life, beauty, and style, the duo seek to photograph people and places that embody a bold disregard for the norm. Naturally, Melis & Dainon have found a home in New York City - one of the special places that continue to fascinate, intrigue, and inspire these photographers. Look out for their new work which will be dedicated to an exploration and celebration of eccentric style & identity.

Advertising & Editorial Work Published In:

  • Elle

  • InStyle

  • Marie Claire

  • Maxim

  • People

  • The Hollywood Reporter

  • UsWeekly

  • Vanidades

  • Variety





Featuring: Sydney Schaefer & Sakura Heffron

Featuring: Sydney Schaefer & Sakura Heffron

Melis+Dainon believe strongly that art is meant to provoke, push boundaries, and make bold statements. And they never want to see these great pursuits give way to timidity, fear, or reluctance. However, they also know that in order to achieve the greatest heights of creativity and provocation, we must create from a foundation of mutual respect, trust, and honesty. Thus, M+D are vocal advocates for establishing and maintaining fair, safe, and respectful work environments for models, creative teams, and all individuals that they work with. Their sets are always consent-based and they work in a transparent manner to ensure that expectations and agreements are understood by critical parties ahead of each shoot.


The duo are dedicated animal advocates and do not believe that fur has a place in modern fashion. The science of synthetics is impressive; in the words of Marco Bizzarri (CEO, Kering),

"Technology is now available that means you don't need to use fur. The alternatives are luxurious. There is just no need."

At this point, we know too much to behave like we are uninformed. And as we are now aware of the cruelty of fur farms, we must make the moral choice. It's time for this era of fashion to abolish the practice of equating cruelty with wealth and status. We, as an industry, are better than this. Modern fashion reflects strong values and leadership - from LGBTQI rights to women's rights to animal rights. Thus, these photographers join industry leaders like:

Stella McCartney
John Galliano
Michael Kors
Tommy Hilfiger
Vivienne Westwood
Ralph Lauren
Calvin Klein
Jimmy Choo

in their opposition to fur and pursuit instead of ethics & relevance. Melis+Dainon will not shoot real fur in any of their work. All fur-like products seen in their portfolio are verified by the brand to be synthetic.