Jesse Lee Soffer for Men’s Fitness

The second time around with Jesse Lee Soffer

As a Los Angeles celebrity photographer, I have the privilege of working with many talented actors and musicians. Sometimes we create together just once. But others, like Jesse, come back time and time again, which is a real treat for me.

While the first shoot always holds an irreplaceable magic, subsequent sessions prove to have their own sort of sweetness. I enjoy the opportunity to explore new aspects of their personality, look, and mood. Creating with the same canvas can also be very introspective and in the end, we are all rewarded with a beautiful collection of images created over the years.

Ideas come to fruition

My first shoot with Jesse was 2 years ago when Chicago PD was still a fairly new show. Now, its recognition has grown substantially and I’ve delighted in watching his success grow with it. We’ve kept in touch over the past couple of years and as I got to know him better, I immediately started thinking of new ways to capture him on camera. So, when he called me to setup a new shoot for Men’s Fitness, ideas were already fully marinated in my mind.

This location was the perfect place to create a primarily natural light shoot that brought out the side of Jesse that can be the “strong, silent” type. The shot with the nude top is my favorite as it encapsulates the vision for the shoot. The lighting is delicate and the styling accentuates Jesse’s statuesque build. Everything about the scene is soft – except for him. Against it, he stands out as the strength within the frame.

I hope you enjoy this shoot and look forward to next time. If you’d like to get an extra dose of handsome, check out our last shoot with Jesse Lee for US Weekly.

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