About Melis+Dainon

Meet Melis+Dainon: Los Angeles & New York Beauty, Celebrity & Fashion Photographer

Melis+Dainon are creative partners exploring the intersection of beauty, fashion, art and culture through photography. They split their time between Los Angeles and New York, and are available to clients worldwide. As photographers and casting directors, the duo is dedicated to creating a high-end aesthetic without a drop of distraction. Their style is minimal and elegant, with enough roughness around the edges to preserve the authenticity of their work and of the people in their photographs.

Always centered around the human experience, Melis+Dainon’s art is intended to elicit emotions, provoke introspection, and encourage connections with their subjects and the stories that they tell. They pride themselves on creating a positive workspace and collaborating with top talent in the industry to create impactful imagery and a cohesive visual story from start to finish. Please enjoy the experience.

Melis+Dainon’s work has appeared in:

Elle US, Marie Claire US, People, The Hollywood Reporter, Vanidades, US Weekly, Lucire Magazine and other publications and retail locations worldwide.

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celebrity photographer Melis Dainon on set of photoshoot with Jessie Lee Soffer
Melis on set with actor Jesse Lee Soffer for Men’s Fitness, captured by Dainon.
celebrity photographer Melis Dainon takes street photos at night in China
Dainon shooting after dark on assignment in Guilin, China; captured by Melis