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We are pleased to announce new stand-alone casting director services for campaigns, editorials, lookbooks, and e-commerce. Our casting work is represented throughout our portfolio, as we typically include this service in our photography and creative direction packages. Over the years, we have developed terrific relationships with model and creative agencies in both NYC and LA and we work with them on an ongoing basis which keeps us up to date with the newest faces and talent to sign with their agencies.

Finding the Face of Your Brand

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As casting directors, we are looking for the right fit with your brand lifestyle, target audience, and goals. Achieving this fit requires a mix of artistic, aesthetic, practical, and technical considerations. We will work with you to understand your brand, creative direction, and requirements before casting to ensure we find the face(s) that will best represent your brand and speak to your audience.

We have gained a reputation for consistently impactful, inspiring, and memorable casting choices. The models we select receive glowing reviews for being not only beautiful/handsome, but also having the personalities and talents to match. At castings, we take our own images and videos of the models to see how they move, get a sense of their modeling style, personality, ease and variety of posing, etc. If you have specific lighting  looks, shooting angles, or poses planned, we can mimic them as closely as possible to give you a true representation of what to expect the day of the shoot. We will consider brand, vibe, lighting, shooting angles and style, special requirements, the target number of final images, and the way in which you plan to use the images when finding the right model(s) for you.

If you would like to learn more about our casting director services please contact us, or sign up for our casting newsletter in the form above.